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The sources of the content written on the Beautifill Spaces blog page are well respected journals and healthcare organizations.  Many of the authors of the research publications and articles are plastic surgeons esteemed in the field of plastic surgery.  Additionally, all of the healthcare organizations are cornerstones in the field.  For a complete list of citations, Click Here.

A pharmacist wrote all of the blog articles.  Conversations with plastic surgery patients filling prescriptions before and after surgery inspired the idea to ease the research journey.  Many patients communicated it was not always easy finding information to guide their decision making.  When choices that impact health, safety, and life satisfaction are on the table, everyone deserves to have information to make informed decisions.  Simply put, Beautifill Spaces was created to empower patients.

All of the products on the Shop page are linked to products sold on Amazon.  When you purchase products through the link on the Shop page, you provide support that keeps content coming that can ease the plastic surgery journey of future patients.  It is how you can say thank you if you appreciate the support Beautifill Spaces provides.  Amazon is responsible for processing the sale and delivery of the items you choose.

Beautifill Spaces is an independent service provider.  It does not work for plastic surgeons, nor is it sponsored by a plastic surgery practice(s).  Beautifill welcomes opportunities to spotlight qualified, trained plastic surgeons who provide quality patient care in order to increase their visibility among future plastic surgery patients.  Plastic Surgeons looking for more information should email us at [email protected]

Beautifill Spaces does not endorse plastic surgeons or guarantee the quality of their work.

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